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& PARTNEŘI, s.r.o.

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Palac Padowetz - kancelarThe JOINT ATTORNEYS´ OFFICE, PELÍŠEK, NAVRÁTIL & PARTNERS, s.r.o., was established for the purpose of provision of complex and highly qualified legal and advisory service to domestic and international clients. Our attorneys´ office provides legal service to its clients mainly in the form of legal consulting and meetings, contract compilation, submission formulation, legal analyses and other documents of legal nature, representation of clients in negotiations with other parties or business partners, in court and arbitration proceedings, in state and public administrative proceedings and other proceedings. Our professional experience, knowledge and skills will satisfy even most demanding customers. We always try to meet individual needs and demands of our clients. If the resolved case or the client requires we also cooperate with a number of tax, economic and financial experts and consultants. Our office provides attorney service across a broad spectrum of legal branches including both standard legal agenda and individual and unusual legal cases.

Palac Padowetz - kancelar

Our office is situated in the very centre of the city of Brno, in the reconstructed historic Padowetz Palace. Despite this position in the historic city centre our clients will have no problem with access to our office by public transport and by car, with sufficient parking capacities close to our office, in front of the Grand Hotel, or the Tesco shopping centre or the Vaňkovka shopping centre.

Palac Padowetz - kancelar

Our office is very comfortably and pleasantly furnished and we keep absolute confidentiality of our clients and information provided to us. We always strive to establish an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence between our attorneys and the clients as one of the inevitable attributes of properly provided legal service. Readiness and effectiveness of the provided legal service is supported with the full scope of most up-to-date office and computer technology we can dispose with. Our office uses a most up-to-date specialised legal information system allowing for easy and structured access to all Czech and European legislation and other legal regulations, court judicature and articles published in professional legal books and periodicals.

Palac Padowetz - zasedacka

We also provide our legal services in English and German languages. In this respect we have established long-term close cooperation with a number of other legal offices both in the Czech Republic and abroad, including for example the renowned German attorneys´ office Otto und Tippmann.